I know.. I'm adult but... I LOVE CANDY CANDY!!!!!!
So, this is the bracelet dedicated to "Red Cross Period" of this cartoon! =)
Candy, Kleen and...Marie Jane?? I don't remember the name.... sorry!


Some comics with my handmade charms... =)

Today... something to eat!... Cakes with chocolate strawberries and whipped cream.. yummy!


Today I photographed my latest creations. Are small bells luck on which cling little fairies ...

First:  "Tortellina" fairy

Second: "Fragolino" fairy

Third: "Azzurretto" fairy

Fourth: "Sweet" fairy

Fifth: "GreenPea" fairy

Sixth: "Pinky" fairy

You like??


I created a series of pendants inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"... Waiting for the film directed by Tim Burton! :)

Here is a bracelet inspired by the Disney fairy tale "Cinderella". The four pendants representing Cinderella with her three friends Mice. All pendants are handmade with polymerclay.


Hi! I'm Elisa from Italy and it's my first time in the role of "blogger"! :) 
FIRST: I'm very sorry for my bad English *_* 
SECOND: I'm very excited to show my creation on web!! 
Like you can see I create funny charms with polymer clay like Fimo, Cernit... My tank of inspiration may be the world of tales, cartoons, manga, anime but also anything is cute! Food, everyday objects, pop music world etc.
I hope that you will like this! 
To be continued... Google translator... begins to prepare!